About Us

One of India’s leading and fastest growing Investment Advisory & Wealth Management firms, Sanguine Wealth Advisors was founded in October 2017 by Mr. Amar Tekwani, a veteran in the field of Private Banking, Wealth Management and Finance.

With more than two decades of experience in financial services, Amar founded Sanguine to help people create wealth. At Sanguine, our clientele comes from distinct walks of life with distinct financial goals and range from Ultra High Net Worth families to Individual Investors, both Resident & Non-resident, to Corporates.


About Us

Our Strategy

Getting to know you

We schedule a meet-up to get to know you and your current financial situation a little better. We discuss various aspects like:

We then do a Risk profile which in turn is used to formulate a customized investment plan

Your Goals & Ambitions

Once we have a risk profile, we would like to know your goals for your financial future and try to gauge how we can help you achieve them. The purpose is to reach a representative assessment of your likely needs.


We will then perform a 'needs analysis' built on your current situation, and taking a view of the plans or goals you have provided. We assess and identify any gap in achieving your desired objectives, thereby create an action plan.

How To Get There

At this stage we devise the route that will best get you to your goals with your Personal Financial Plan. Based on your financial plan we will also share the cost of our service at this point.

Once you are on board with our plan, it is then implemented with details of all relevant investments supplied to you in an organized and timely manner.

eriodic Reviews

To ensure that your investment plan and your portfolio is in line with your financial objectives, we conduct periodic review meetings with you to help us update you on your progress and make any changes if required.


We, at Sanguine, strive for excellence in our client relationships in accordance with our core client-centric values.


We endeavor to build long-term and mutually rewarding business relationships. Our goal is to become the preferred partner of choice for clients seeking to succeed in an all market environment. We aim to deliver outstanding client service with dedication and professionalism. We work hard to continually enhance and evolve the depth and quality of our service

Our Values

Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing

We act with integrity and put our clients first.



We align our interests with those of the client’s, thereby bringing honesty and objectivity in our approach

Work together to achieve common goals

Work together to achieve common goals

We show respect and humility towards each other and our clients. We believe in creating a supportive work environment that fosters teamwork, collegiality, and effective communication.

Strive for excellence

Strive for excellence

We make the extra effort, practice continuous improvement, and stay flexible to adapt to changing circumstances.