Altaf Langda

Mr. Chetan Jani is a great financial advisor. Only in early days of my career, he taught me an important lesson of my life – “It does not matter how much you earn but the only important thing is how much you save and through which route can make you a wealthy person in future.” After that, he asked me a series of questions to understand my current financial situation along with my very short term and very long term requirements like retirement planning etc. Keeping in mind all these things, he recommended me the best schemes of mutual funds and made me invest in them. Under his constant and encouraging guidance, I now, never even think of withdrawing any money from money-market but I am only increasing my savings and therefore my profit is also increasing multifold. Now, only I do not work to earn bucks but my money is also working for me. I really thank you sir from bottom of my heart for showing me a way to financial independence.